Fees & Merchandise



Fees for Hatha Yoga Classes


RM   50.00

1x registration fee, incl.1 free CD

Package Subscription

RM 100.00

4 classes valid 1 month

Individual Class

RM   30.00
RM   35.00

with registration
drop-in fee without registration


Yoga 2 Self Merchandise

Yoga 2 Self T-Shirts

RM   30.00

Sizes     XXS – XXXL
Colours Navy blue – grey – turquoise

CD Surya Namaskar etc.

RM   25.00

Mantras – Journey beyond the Mind

CD Relaxation

RM   35.00

A Journey in Yoga Nidra

CD Relaxation

RM   35.00

Yoga Nidra – Eine Reise ins Innere

CD Meditation

RM   25.00

Bansuri Whispers of the Soul

CD Meditation

RM   35.00

Dhyana Prakasham – The Light of Meditation

CD Instrum.World Music

RM   35.00

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Private Classes for individuals or groups

Corporate classes

Yoga Nidra sessions