Fees & Merchandise



Fees for Hatha Yoga Classes


RM   50.00       

one-time non-refundable registration fee, 
includes 1 free English Yoga Nidra CD

Package Subscription

RM 100.00
1 Bonus Class

4 classes valid 1 month
FREE class for regular students
(* terms & conditions apply)

Individual Class

RM   30.00
RM   35.00       

with registration
drop-in fee without registration


Yoga 2 Self Merchandise

Yoga 2 Self T-Shirts

RM   30.00

available Sizes XXS – XXXL

CD Mantras

RM   25.00

Mantras – Journey beyond the Mind

CD Yoga Nidra – English

RM   35.00

A Journey in Yoga Nidra

CD Yoga Nidra- German

RM   35.00

Yoga Nidra – Eine Reise ins Innere

CD Instrumental

RM   35.00

Bansure World


Yoga Accessories (*accessory prices are subject to change without notice)

Yoga Mats

RM   80.00

6mm mat, including bag

Yoga Blocks

RM   25.00


Yoga Blocks

RM   40.00


Yoga Belt

RM   28.00

long belt

Neti Pot

RM   15.00



Kindly contact us for details or a quotation regarding:

Private Classes for individuals or groups

Corporate classes

Yoga Nidra sessions