Namaste & Welcome




              “N a m a s t e”


we recognize the life force, the Divinity, the Self or God is the same in all of us.

Acknowledging this oneness,  we place our palms together and honor the God in the person we meet, in YOU… and in this spirit ….




                Yoga 2 Self



We hope that by end of April we will be able to announce the event date for the celebration of the


6th International Yoga Day

with an offering of

108 Surya Namaskars

at Sri Kandaswami Temple, Brickfields

sometime in June or July 

4.45 AM – 8.30 AM

with LIVE Music by

Sesatre Bansuri Flautist

Please keep visiting this page for updates.




“Bansuri Whispers of the Soul”
is an audio impression of our 2018
South India Retreat at
INDeco Hotel Swamimalai. 

CD COVER - 20190510_164820








1. The Ancient One 

2. Smell the Music

3. Art of Being

4. Deep into the Light

5. The Core is Emptiness